Conservatory Planning Permission

Many people who have invested in a new conservatory do not realise that to extend a central heating system into their conservatory will require planning permission. This can be a nightmare even for the most sound and conservative bids but what many people do not realise during their planning application is that if you do not make a special case for it, due to ‘Document L’ in the planning code, you cannot extend your current heating system into your conservatory. This, of course, causes issues for anyone who hasn’t been notified about this before they received planning permission as you then have to source and entirely different heating system for just one room!

Planning Permission for Conservatory and Air Conditioning Units

However the good news is that domestic air conditioning units for a conservatory do not require planning consent. Air conditioning can be a self contained heating, cooling and dehumidifying source for a single room and so could be just the fix you are looking for! To stop your conservatory being damp, too hot or too cold for very low running costs, call one of our experienced air conditioning engineers today on 0800 088 6392!

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