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When the weather gets cold, it can be hard to enjoy your conservatory, which is why we make it easy, with heating for conservatories! As experts in the industry, we can turn your conservatory into an enjoyable experience all year round, so don't hesitate and contact us today!

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When your conservatory turns into a freezer, heat it right up with air conditioning!

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Units For Heating Conservatories

Check out which air con units are compatible, and can be installed in your conservatory.

Why Choose Heating For Conservatories?

Cosier, Healthier Living For a Fraction of the cost
Heat your conservatory

Conservatory HEating for Winter Nights

Don't put your conservatory out of commission in the winter, with our conservatory heating solutions. Instead of having to wear your coat every time you want to relax in your conservatory, let our air conditioning unit heat it for you. We guarantee we can turn even the coldest units into the ultimate warm and cozy relaxation room.

eco Conservatory

Energy Efficiency for Conservatory Heating

Conservatory wall heaters are more efficient to run than central gas heating, and can net you hundreds of pounds in savings every year. Heating your conservatory with air conditioning is also more eco-friendly than heating with a central gas boiler, and will reduce your carbon footprint, helping you save the planet.

conservatory for health

Heat conservatories for Health

Our advanced air conditioning units are equipped with filters which will extract pollutants and purify the air around you. When your conservatory gets cold in the winter, you are more at risk for developing a cold, which in some rare cases can be very serious. Don't get the bug this winter, and heat your conservatory today, only with Direct.

Profit with Conservatory

Profit With Conservatory Heating Solutions

Our air conditioning units heat conservatories, instantly raising your property value, and guarantees your home will attract more potential buyers. The other great thing about heating with air conditioners, is that you are future-prepped for the gas boiler ban of 2025. This means more interest from potential home buyers after 2025!

Remote Controlled Heating For Conservatories

Control Your Climate Easily

Complete climate control is easier than ever with the Daikin Comfort Control app. Integrate your conservatory wall heater with your phone, tablet or Alexa voice control, and have it obey your every command. Alternatively, use one of the classic air con remote controllers, which are simple, intuitive and easy to use.

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We PARTNER WITH DAIKIN TO provide the most advanced air conditioning solutions for your home

Why Daikin Air Conditioning?

you deserve the best

Smart Controls

You can control up to 150 air conditioning systems with your smart phone or a remote control

high quality

Daikin creates air con units to the highest standard and is known for making high quality products

Low cost

Top quality yet cheaper than high end brands, plus save on repairs because Daikin AC is so reliable

energy efficient

Packed with innovations that cut your energy bills and maximise your return on investment

long lasting

With almost 100 years experience, Daikin know how to make air con units that go the distance

quiet operation

Fresh, clean, cool air at your ideal temperature yet peacefully quiet, for comfort without concern

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Top Types of Air Con Units For Conservatories

Whatever your needs, we have a unit for That


If your conservatory has a ceiling, especially if it’s a suspended ceiling, you might be able to fit a ceiling air conditioning unit in. With ceiling air conditioning units, climate control is easier than ever, and won’t get it the way!


Usually, your conservatory will have at least one supporting wall, which is not made of glass. This makes it possible to install a wall mounted air conditioning unit. The wall mounted air conditioning are our most popular models, and will make you feel the warm difference almost immediately!


One of the best options for conservatories, especially if your conservatory is all glass with low walls, is floor air conditioning units. These units are lightweight, powerful and compact, which means they can be installed almost anywhere.

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Love the air conditioning unit, works exactly as advertised and had no issues. The guys installing it took to the time show us how it all worked which was really helpful. Best customer service comes from Vickie Parrack, super friendly, great communication and quick to respond, and was a pleasure to deal with.
Ms Reside-Rob
From Carlisle on 02.10.2020
Great work, everything that was agreed with Vickie was delivered in good time with professional and knowledgeable engineers. Great job all round, now enjoying the AC in the house knowing it will not let us down.
Mr Clarke
From Gravesend On 27.11.2020
Very pleased with the installation of two Daikin Emura aircon units into our park home. The installation team was very professional, courteous and knowledgeable. They cleaned up after themselves and made sure that we were satisfied with the work they had done and even helped set up the app on our mobile phones. Would definitely recommend Direct Air-conditioning to anyone. We are now looking forward to the next heatwave!
Ms Griffin
From Middlewich on 13.08.2021
Great service, lovely people, they installed everything quickly and respectfully, working on short notice and with exceptional skill and speed. The electrician was really helpful and knowledgeable, reacting to a few gotchas with my house's odd wiring. The A/C engineer was really sound too and was very accommodating in positioning the units and making everything look tidy. And there were two guys who came and put up the scaffolding really quickly and well. They set it up, installed the units on the first floor, and then took apart the scaffolding in a matter of hours. I was so impressed. As for the air con, it's so quiet and it cools the rooms really quickly. My home office is no longer a stuffy sweatbox! It was great to get the evening sun into my window while I worked today and not have to sweat through it. Amazing service and I would highly recommend them. Thank you to all of your team!
Mr Hickey
From London On 15.06.2021
Excellent service, very considerate staff, very friendly, clean and tidy working.
Mr Bennett
From Cheshire on 16.08.2021

Save Money on Conservatory Heating

With great power, comes great savings

Gas bills fluctuate depending on the month so it might be tricky to calculate an average cost of operating a gas boiler. However their efficiency remains the same, and gas boilers are far less efficient than modern heat pumps which are the basic building block of an air conditioner unit. Generally speaking, gas boilers lose about 7% of the energy that is put into it, and at an average rate of 16p per kWh. In 24 hours of heating operation, the 7% energy waste would add up to a substantial amount!

1 Week

After one week, the energy loss on gas boilers would add up to £26.88. That's as much as Netflix. Amazon Video and Disney+ subscriptions combined!

1 MOnth

After 1 month, the energy loss would really start to add up. With an average of £115.20 of energy loss, that's as much as a shopping trip to the clothes store!

3 months

After 3 months, the energy loss from gas boilers is a whopping £345.60! This money is enough to burn a serious hole in anyone's pocket!

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Why choose air conditioning to Heat conservatories?

Keeping a conservatory warm in the winter is very difficult. As beautiful and majestic conservatories are, they are also mostly made of glass, which is not a great insulator. Glass panes will let the cold in, and slowly make your conservatory unusable in the colder months without adequate heating. This is why here at Direct, we are conservatory heating experts! We stock and install the best heater for conservatories, in the form of air conditioning! We know it seems counterintuitive and hard to believe, but our air con can cool, as well as heat conservatories, which is a multifunction solution to the climate problem in your conservatory! Air conditioning is also the best and cheapest way to heat a conservatory, in terms of efficiency. Heat pumps are extremely more efficient than gas boilers for example, and run on electricity, which means if it’s paired up with a low carbon footprint source of electricity such as solar panels, it’s a completely green way to control your home’s climate!

How Does Domestic Air Conditioning Work?

In basic terms, it works through a system of heat exchanges inside the air conditioning unit itself, while filtering and cleaning the air in your conservatory. Air from the room is pulled into the filters of the aircon unit and flows over a system of refrigerated or heated pipes which have coolant liquid in them that is connected to an exterior unit, which controls the temperature of the system. The air is then returned to the room at the desired temperature. The hot air flowing over the cool pipes can create a dehumidifying element because water vapor in the air condenses back into water and is taken away by the pump system inside the air conditioning unit. These are the basic functions of more complex machinery, which have extra benefits based on each unit you choose, that allows you to create the ideal climate with intuitive controls on your remote, phone, tablet, or with your voice via Alexa.

A commonly asked question is: My conservatory has very little insulation, will the air conditioning be able to deal with that? The answer is yes! We will never sell you a unit that will not carry out the task at hand throughout the year. Environment Agency regulations state it is a legal requirement that anyone must hold an F-Gas certificate to safely and properly install conservatory air conditioning, and here at Direct Air Conditioning, we are fully certified and up to date with the latest Refcom F-Gas regulations and all other industry standards. This means your AC is installed correctly first time to do exactly what you need.

Want to keep your conservatory at the ideal temperature all year round? Call us on 0800 088 6392 for free advice, free quotes and answers to all your questions. Or carry on reading to find out more, including answers to frequently asked questions, and what else we provide that other installers don’t.

Camouflage For Conservatories

Make your Aircon heater invisIble

Heating Conservatories FAQ

Any other questions?

Get the latest information about everything from running costs to details on how these innovative systems work, by reading the full home air con installation guide on our main website. Tap this text to view the guide.

As the name suggests, conservatory heating solutions are all the different ways you can heat your conservatory. Different air con units will heat your conservatory depending on type, with the best heater for conservatories being dependent on the layout and style of your conservatory. For example, if your conservatory is all glass, with some supporting half walls, the best way to heat this conservatory would be to fit a floor mounted air conditioning unit.

This question might seem counterintuitive at first, as air conditioning is specifically designed to cool rooms. However, heating is absolutely possible with the units on our website! Partnered with Daikin, who are a global air con research and manufacturing company, we stock their latest units, which are the most advanced conservatory heating solutions available on the market today! They can heat, cool and dehumidify, giving you complete climate control over your conservatory!

We are! Here at Direct, we are a one stop shop for all your conservatory air conditioning needs. We have been in the industry for a long time, and over the years figured out how to deliver top quality service without a high price tag! We are confident we can beat any quote, so contact us today!

The best thing about our conservatory air conditioning units, is that you don’t even have to be home to operate them! Equipped with smart technology, the air conditioning unit can be fully programmed and operated with your phone, allowing you to heat your conservatory on the fly, meaning you can come home to a warm and cosy conservatory without having to wait! Our units also work with standard remote controls, which are easy to use for those who are old fashioned. Contact us today for all your options, only at Direct!

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