Many people are simply unaware of the heating capabilities of domestic air conditioning units and so when their conservatory is freezing during the winter they often turn to more traditional forms of heaters for conservatories. Some people use wall or portable electric conservatory heaters while others choose to install underfloor heating, both of which can be very costly. Furthermore many people are also unaware that they would need planning permission to extend their central heating radiators into a conservatory. Conservatory air conditioning solves this problem with one quick, efficient and cost effective solution!

Heating and Air Conditioning Units

Air conditioning benefits from working in a similar way to a fridge – hot at one end, cold at the other. All residential air conditioning systems that we fit are effectively heat pumps, and this process can be reversed, meaning that the system has the capability to heat as well as cool. In fact, all the heating and air conditioning units that we install are either double or triple energy efficiency A rated, so you can be sure that they will be very cost effective in the way they run! For every kilowatt you put in, you get five out, unlike conventional boilers where you put one kilowatt in and get 0.9 out! Even when the temperature outside is as cold as -20 ͒C, your air conditioning unit can still heat your conservatory up to 30 ͒C!

Air Conditioning Engineers and Installers

As with the cooling side of air conditioning, we often get asked: My conservatory has very little insulation, will the air conditioning be able to deal with that? The answer is yes! Our air conditioning engineers and installers will never sell you a unit that will not carry out the task at hand throughout the whole conservatory. Furthermore according to Environment Agency regulations it is a legal obligation that any company must hold an F-Gas certificate if they install, maintain or service air conditioning, and here at Leicestershire based Direct Air Conditioning we are fully compliant and up to date with all Refcom F-Gas regulations. We believe that with our 15 years of air conditioning installation experience, we are well qualified to fit you with an air conditioning unit to suit all your needs and we have the ability to leave you a very happy customer with a 5 year warranty on every install we fit and service!

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