Dehumidifying for Conservatory

A common problem that many people have is stopping their conservatory acting like a greenhouse and getting more and more hot and humid. Mobile dehumidifiers are loud, noisy and expensive so why put yourself through the inconvenience of that when you can have a choice of home air conditioning systems that will heat, cool, and dehumidify your conservatory at the same time?

Due to the high water content in humid air, televisions can become victim of water damage if exposed for too long, and not only that but all the major manufacturers warn that high temperatures will also cause your tv to become damaged and so this takes us back to the questions of “How do I keep my conservatory cool?” and “How do I stop my conservatory from being damp?”. While you may not have a television in your conservatory, you will almost certainly have some sort of furniture. When any item of furniture is left for long periods of time in a humid place, it will start to warp its shape and perhaps more noticeably, it will start to smell of damp. This is particularly prominent with fabric covered furniture. By removing the moisture in the air, you remove the possibility that your furniture will start to smell of damp and so you can be sure that your furniture will be as fresh smelling as you left it!

How Does Domestic Air Conditioning Dehumidify

Warm air from the conservatory is sucked in through the front of the air con unit and flows over pipes which have a refrigerant liquid in them which then cools down the air, the chilled air is then returned to the room at a lower temperature. The hot air flowing over the cool pipes creates the dehumidifying element as water vapour in the air condenses back into water and over 5 litres is removed every hour by the pump system inside the air conditioning unit.

According to Environment Agency regulations it is a legal obligation that any company must hold an F-Gas certificate if they install, maintain or service air conditioning, and here at Leicestershire based Direct Air Conditioning we are fully compliant and up to date with all Refcom F-Gas regulations. We believe that with our 15 years of air conditioning installation experience, we are well qualified to fit you with an air conditioning unit to suit all your needs and we have the ability to leave you a very happy customer with a 5 year warranty on every install we fit and service!

Want to stop your conservatory from being damp? Want a system that will heat, cool and dehumidify at very low running costs? Call one of our experienced air conditioning engineers today on 0800 088 6392!

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