Keeping a cool conservatory in the summer is easy and cost effective with residential air conditioning. While the older air conditioning units used to be loud, and stuck out like a sore thumb, in today’s world of sleek engineering, quiet, subtle and efficient are the industry’s new gold standards. Even on the hottest of days, residential air conditioning can cool your conservatory to a very comfortable temperature, and say goodbye to perfect hairstyles ruined by the humid air, as air conditioning units can take up to five and a half litres of water out of the air every hour.

How Does Domestic Air Conditioning Work

In basic terms it works through a system of exchanges inside the air conditioning unit itself, as it is a heat pump. Warm air from the room is sucked in through the front of the air con unit and flows over chiller pipes which have coolant liquid in them which then cools down the air. The cool air is then returned to the room at a lower temperature. The hot air flowing over the cool pipes creates the dehumidifying element as water vapour in the air condenses back into water and is taken away by the pump system inside the air conditioning unit.

A commonly asked question is: My conservatory has very little insulation, will the air conditioning be able to deal with that? The answer is yes! We will never sell you a unit that will not carry out the task at hand through the whole conservatory. Furthermore according to Environment Agency regulations it is a legal obligation that any company must hold an F-Gas certificate if they install, maintain or service air conditioning, and here at Leicestershire based Direct Air Conditioning we are fully compliant and up to date with all Refcom F-Gas regulations. We believe that with our 15 years of air conditioning installation experience, we are well qualified to fit you with an air conditioning unit to suit all your needs and we have the ability to leave you a very happy customer with a 5 year warranty on every install we fit and service!

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