Conservatory Climate Control – Warmer in Winter, Cooler in Summer

Our conservatory Climate Control air conditioning system will operate as your source of air cooling and heating. Helping you not only to maintain a balanced temperature in your conservatory, regardless of season but you will also make considerable savings on your heating and cooling costs as well. That’s why at Direct Conservatory Air Conditioning we provide a full design conservatory climate control solution which includes, conservatory air conditioning installation and maintenance service,  servicing and ongoing repair.

Size of your conservatory doesn’t matter, whether small or large conservatory, we will take on any conservatory air conditioning projects any where in the United Kingdom.

The air conditioning units we supply are the best on the market, designed to keep your conservatory cool in summer and warm in winter, also help your conservatory from being too damp at any time. At Direct Conservatory Air Conditioning, we are specialist in helping our customers throughout the process of selecting the best conservatory climate control air conditioning units, installation, servicing, maintenance and any ongoing repair if needed.

Our company holds a Refcom Certification and we have over 15 years’ experience installing domestic air conditioning. As one of Daikin top supplier in the country, rest assured we will only install the very best and up to date air conditioning units available on the market. Some of our most popular but yet stylish air con units options include:

  • Daikin series of AC
  • The wall mounted Daikin Emura
  • Mitsubishi Electric Kirigamine Zen range
  • Floor mounted Nexura and
  • The flexible Daikin FLXS

All guaranteed to maintain the perfect conservatory temperature all year around.

One of the most common problem with conservatories is the excess of humidity during the summer and condensation in the winter. Our combined conservatory air conditioning and heating units draw up to 5 litres of moisture out of the air every hour. Having Direct Conservatory Air Conditioning install one of our AC units in your conservatory and you will permanently solve the damp problem with your conservatory.

For a free Consultation or perhaps arrange a site visit, please speak to one of our experienced air conditioning engineers? Call now on 0800 088 6392 and we will be more than happy to discuss appropriate conservatory climate control solution for your conservatory or any domestic air conditioning solution.