Multi Split Air Conditioning Conservatory Systems from Daikin

Daikin’s split and multi-split type domestic air conditioning units offer superior performance, cost saving energy-efficiency, comfort and elegance. Here at Conservatory Air Conditioning we offer a choice of climate control systems with smart technology options that ensure the ultimate in comfort for contemporary interiors while conforming to all interior spaces and lifestyles. Our AC systems can be used in a conservatory, with one stand alone air con unit connected to one outdoor unit (single zone), or in a multiple room/zone arrangement with up to five different indoor ac units connected to just one outdoor unit. This means that you can now enjoy the luxury of a climatically controlled environment in your bedrooms too, so no more sticky sleepless nights and insect bites, and for relatively little extra cost!

Split Stand Alone AC Unit

  • Connects one stand alone floor, wall or ceiling mounted indoor AC unit to an outdoor unit
  • Installs simply and unobtrusively to domestic dwellings with no need for ductwork
  • Delivers a sophisticated air conditioning solution to single zone interior spaces at an affordable price
  • Provides a simple solution for one-room conservatory additions without the need for planning permission

Multi-split Conservatory & Bedroom Air Conditioner System

  • Connects up to five indoor units to a single outdoor unit
  • Installs a complete air conditioning system to multiple zone interior spaces with no need for ductwork or planning permission
  • Provides independent control of each bedroom air conditioner temperature settings
  • Enables indoor units of different styles and capacities in one system for customised solutions unique to each room, conservatory or bedroom setting

Air Conditioning For your Home

When utilised in a multiple room/zone arrangement each domestic air conditioning unit can be operated independently to deliver either cooling or heating comfort only to the rooms where needed. Daikin’s advanced inverter and heat pump technologies achieve greater efficiency and energy savings at lower costs and each zone added to the original single unit configuration offers a further relative cost saving.

Extensive Product Lineup

Here at Conservatory Air Conditioning we offer an array of domestic air conditioning units allowing the perfect match of style and performance to any interior space, and to suit any budget. Call Direct Air Conditioning today on 0800 088 6392 and a member of our friendly staff will happily discuss your conservatory air conditioning or heating requirements with you.

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