daikin-emuraWhy Choose Daikin Emura Ac Unit?

The Award winning design of the Daikin Emura ac unit is the result of ongoing research into creating superior air conditioning solutions. This latest generation adds even greater functionality, making it ever more relevant to architectural aesthetics, technical standards and user demands. To the Emura, design is everything, and it is devotion to design that creates sleek, elegant climate control with smart technology that ensures the ultimate in comfort for contemporary interiors. The wall mounted Daikin Emura ac unit is available in two style options; silver/anthracite or pure matt white.

Inside the Daikin Emura ac units sleek designer exterior is a highly intelligent system, with innovative features that reduce power consumption dramatically, compared with typical air conditioning units.

  • Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) of up to 8.5
  • Highest possible energy label Energy label A
  • Whisper quiet sound levels, down to just 19dB(A)
  • On Energy Technology List, so eligible for tax relief
  • Wide operating range: -10 to 46°CDB for cooling and -15 to 20°CDB for heating
  • Can be controlled remotely by smartphone or tablet using Apple or Android OS

The Daikin Emura is a highly intelligent system with many innovative features:


A sophisticated titanium apatite photocatalytic air purification filter removes airborne dust particles, decomposes odours and restricts the reproduction of bacteria, viruses and microbes.


Combines vertical and horizontal auto-swing louvres, creating an even distribution of air throughout the room and even into the corners of large spaces.


Draught-free operation is ensured by preventing airflow from being blown directly onto the body, either in cooling or heating mode.


The ‘intelligent eye’ sensor directs airflow away from people in the room to avoid cold draughts. If the room is empty for 20 minutes it pauses to save energy, returning to the original setting when someone enters the room.


Saves energy by preventing overheating and overcooling during night time.


Daikin’s Emura can be used in a conservatory, with one ac unit connected to one outdoor unit, or in a multiple room arrangement with up to nine indoor ac units connected to just one outdoor unit. This means that you can enjoy the luxury of a climatically controlled environment in your bedrooms too, so no more sticky, sleepless nights and insect bites, and for relatively little extra cost!

Daikin Emura Ac Unit Remote Control

The easy-to-use remote control gives you absolute control of the room temperature from the comfort of your armchair. With a large user-friendly display, the infrared remote allows full control of timers, set points and operating modes.

The state-of-art extra wi-fi device allows you to set and even schedule the temperature from anywhere, using Apple or Android systems on a smartphone or tablet. So you can manage the AC unit from any location, ensuring optimal climate control and energy efficiency.

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