Conservatory Air Conditioning Repair & Servicing

Domestic Air Conditioning Servicing

Have you noticed that your air conditioning is not as efficient as it used to be or has it recently started to smell? If this sounds like your domestic air conditioning units then you definitely need them servicing and we are the company to call!

According to Environment Agency regulations it is a legal obligation that any company must hold an F-Gas certificate if they install, maintain or service air conditioning, and here at Leicestershire based Direct Air Conditioning we are fully compliant and up to date with all Refcom F-Gas regulations.

Annual Air Conditioning Service

By law, all home air conditioning systems should be serviced at a minimum of once a year but we do recommend that you have you air conditioning serviced by a licensed professional every 6 months. There are lots of reasons to recommend having your residential air conditioning serviced, even if you do not particularly notice there there is anything wrong. One very common reason that air conditioning is not working to its full potential is that your filters are dirty. Excess material clogging up the vents on your air conditioning will mean that air cannot be either extracted or fed in with any kind of force and so you will notice that it takes longer than it use to to cool or heat up a room.

A further reason that it is important to have your air conditioning serviced is that if the copper piping inside comes into contact with the air for a long period of time, it will initially turn green and then you could get a buildup of bacteria which will start to smell on the pipework which I’m sure you’ll agree is not very hygienic! We can make sure that there are no buildups of bacteria on your pipework as part of a standard check during a servicing appointment. Of course, if your air conditioning is not working at all then before you consider replacing it, call out one of our air conditioning engineers and we will have a look at all the major components and see what it is that has failed and what we can do about it. We often find that when people are thinking of replacing a system, all they are lacking is a gas refill which is definitely less pricey than replacing the whole unit!

So don’t delay get your air conditioning serviced today! Call our engineers now on 0800 088 6392.

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