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The engineers at Direct Air Conditioning have been installing domestic air conditioning units in bedrooms and conservatories for over 15 years and so we feel comfortable in calling ourselves specialists. Through the years we have found that after benefitting from air conditioning, many customers wish to feel the same benefits in their bedroom so that even during the hot Summer nights or cold Winter evenings they have quiet and effective: heating, cooling and dehumidifying systems. Where we have fitted bedroom air conditioning before we have been told by our customers that it is so quiet that it does not disturb their nights sleep and actually makes them more comfortable as the temperature is set to what they like and is constant throughout the night.

And before you say it, not all air conditioning is ugly, in fact, have a look at the different styles you can get!

Bedroom Air Conditioner

What’s more, you do not necessarily need another outdoor unit if you already have conservatory air conditioning as your domestic air conditioning unit can run off the same outdoor unit if it is compatible. This could save you some money in getting it installed and so we would recommend that to get the best out of all of your air conditioning systems, you get your conservatory and bedroom air conditioning installed together as this way you will be able to have two indoor units running off a singular outdoor unit.

Here at Direct Air Conditioning we will never sell you a unit that will not carry out the task you have at hand, whether that means a singular conservatory air conditioning unit or a bedroom and conservatory split unit. Too many companies these days seem all too happy to quote a unit without measuring the size of the room and therefore heat load the unit needs to be able to deliver, meaning that the end result for the customer is disappointment with a unit which does not work. We pride ourselves on our ability to install air conditioning that perfectly suits the needs of our clients and so, after 15 years of installations, we guarantee that the air conditioning unit we suggest to you will definitely do the job! Because we are so confident in our air conditioning engineers’ ability, we are happy to offer a 5 year warranty on every install we fit and service.

Let us make your home more comfortable: call a member of our friendly staff today and we will happily talk conservatory or domestic air conditioning with you (or even both) on 0800 088 6392!

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