Domestic or Home Air Conditioning Services for your Conservatory

Residential Air Conditioning Service

Direct Air Conditioning works across the country providing you with all your air conditioning service needs. Our air conditioning services, from consultations, to installations and yearly servicing contracts, are all delivered to the highest standards with the best quality products on the market. With the proper planning through one of our consultations, your conservatory can be an oasis all year round, with our air con heat pumps providing you with heating, cooling, and dehumidifying.

You might think that the installation of air conditioning is the last item that you would need to create the perfect climate control for your conservatory, however we strongly recommend that every customer, no matter how many, or how few air con units you have, have air con services every year. Our fully trained, Daikin approved air conditioning engineers are equipped with the skills and the knowledge to make your air conditioning work at its maximum efficiency.

As fully trained air con engineers, all work that we carry out for you will be fully compliant with all UK regulations and standards. While we are more than happy to complete a one-off residential air conditioning service, we would always recommend that you look into the option of a yearly contract. With these contracts, you will not only ensure that you receive the best value for money, but you can rest assured that your residential air conditioning service is in the hands of a well trained, friendly, and helpful engineer, who will know how to elicit the longest life expectancy from your air con unit.

Air Conditioning Installation

Just as you chose the perfect conservatory for your needs, we will help you choose the perfect air conditioning system! Our engineers pride themselves on helping you find the perfect addition to your home and fitting it with precision, care, and skill.

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Why have a Domestic Air Conditioning Service?

Servicing is an essential part of maintaining and caring for your air conditioning system. A yearly service will keep the internal components clean and running. It will also help you get the most from your air conditioning installation.

Can I not keep my air conditioning serviced myself?

The short answer to this question is no. All our engineers are highly trained to look after these fine tuned machines. When we service your air conditioning, we need to make sure that we comply to all the British standards and regulations, particularly when monitoring the gas in the system.