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Direct Conservatory Air Conditioning, based in Leicestershire, is part of the FM Solutions Group. Operating out of our offices in North Kilworth, we have been involved in air conditioning and refrigeration nationwide since 2003, and are fully compliant and up to date with all Refcom F-Gas regulations. Our core business provides installation, servicing and maintenance for business and home air conditioning across the UK.

At Direct Air Conditioning we were contacted by many people who have added a conservatory to their home, only to discover that during the summer months the heat can become unbearable. Additionally during the winter months, the cold can also prevent regular use of their lovely extra space. For this reason we have launched this dedicated Conservatory Air Conditioning website to specifically cater to the needs of conservatory owners experiencing these common complaints and to help them enjoy their new rooms all of the year around.

Further information can be found on the Direct Air Conditioning Website.

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From our base in the Midlands and offices around the UK, we install, repair or service air conditioning for homes and businesses in England, Scotland and Wales. All offices share the same contact info.

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