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Direct Conservatory Air Conditioning is a trading name of Direct Air Conditioning, the leading aircon installation, lease, repair and servicing company in the UK since 2003

Why get air con?

Make your conservatory the best it can be


How do you stop your conservatory being damp?

A common problem with many conservatories is excess humidity in the summer and condensation in the winter. Our combined conservatory air conditioning and heating units draw up to 5 litres of moisture out of the air every hour. So have Direct Air Conditioning install one of our AC units in your conservatory and you can solve your damp problem for ever!


How do you keep your conservatory warm in the winter?

Many people are unaware that they would need planning permission to extend their central heating radiators into a conservatory when looking to heat their summer room during the long, cold winter. The good news though is that our range of air conditioning units can also be used as a conservatory heater too. So have Direct Air Conditioning install one of our units in your conservatory and you can use your summer room all of the year around!


How do you keep your conservatory cool in the Summer?

Here at Direct Air Conditioning we hold Refcom Certification and have over 17 years’ experience installing domestic air conditioning, so rest assured we only install the very best units available. Our popular, yet stylish options include the Mitsubishi Electric Kirigamine Zen range and the Daikin series of AC units; the wall mounted Emura, floor mounted Nexura and the flexible FLXS, all guaranteed to keep your conservatory cool all year!

Example Features

of some of our popular air condtioners

Save money

Air conditioning for heat instead of a boiler saves around £350 yearly, £3500 per decade.

Year-round comfort

Ensure you can use your conservatory in the height of summer and the dead of winter.

smart phone controlled

Energy Efficiency

Do your bit to save the environment while you save money compared to a boiler.

Raise home value

Make your home stand out. Some air con raises home value by more than it cost to install.

Better breathing

Breath fresh, clean, conditioned air. Vital for those who suffer from respiratory conditions.

Humidity control

Reduce the humidity of often clammy conservatories, ensuring you enjoy your extension.

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Finish your conservatory today!

We spend most of our time at home, especially in winter.
We fit air con in any room, not just conservatories!

Direct Conservatory Air Conditioning

Here at Direct Conservatory Air Conditioning we’ll help you maximise the usage of your conservatory. We’ve all heard the promises of a new solid roof on our conservatory, making it a cool place to be however this surely defeats the purpose of a sun filled room where we can entertain friends or enjoy a well-deserved glass of wine? Domestic air conditioning need not be expensive and has the lowest running costs of any heating system in the UK. Moreover, with only 5% VAT even the government agree that it’s a fantastic thing to have!

Regardless of the style of your conservatory we are certain there is a style of air conditioning to suit your needs.Whether heating, cooling or dehumidifying your conservatory, air conditioning can do it all in a stylish and most importantly, quiet way. With the majority of Daikin air conditioning units and most Mitsubishi air conditioning units working at under 35 decibels with some even reaching 28 decibels: quieter than the sound of rustling leaves!

An issue many of our customers come to us with is that they do not have planning permission to extend their radiators into their conservatory and so are looking for a way to maintain the heat in just their conservatory, rather than the whole house. We are happy to inform you that air conditioning does not need planning permission and so you can put it in any room you like. If you get conservatory air conditioning and see the benefits of it, you can easily put an air conditioning unit in your bedroom too!